Kris Kobach Email (KS-Senate)

From the email sent on March 3, "

Despite the very real threat to public health and safety posed by illegal immigration, Democrats continue to double down by introducing irrational border policies. Support my campaign for Senate to stand up to these dangerous immigration policies. 

Did you know that, conservatively estimated, more than 12,000 Chinese nationals entered the country illegally through the U.S. southern border during FY 2019? That was an 85% increase from the year before. No one who illegally enters America is screened for infectious diseases, and that includes those from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.


Meanwhile, Americans returning home from China and foreign nationals legally entering the country are screened and some are even being quarantined in order to keep Americans safe.


Now as the coronavirus pandemic threatens Americans’ lives, I am more resolved than ever to secure our border. That means building the wall, and that means closing loopholes in immigration law. It also means ending sanctuary cities once and for all. I will always put the lives and livelihoods of American workers, families, and taxpayers first. That's one of the main reasons I am running for U.S. Senate. 


But I need your help.


Our existing immigration policies are designed to benefit CEOs and wealthy elitists who profit from cheap labor. They don’t like someone like me threatening their supply of illegal labor. It's time we the people had an advocate for real immigration solutions.

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